Which lentils to consume during winter??

Many of the traditional foods in India are Ayurvedic Foods. Traditional wisdom about the processing, and preservation of food and their healing effects have been known for many generations in India. Indian traditional foods are also known as medicinal foods because of the presence of many natural chemicals, antioxidants, fibers, probiotics, etc. The most popular lentils being used are Tur dal, Moong dal, Cow-Pea Rajma, Green Moong, and Urad dal.

Food is very specific to the type of season. For all 6 Ritus or Seasons, the corresponding foods to be consumed too are different. Consuming the pulses which are specific to your place is the mantra. A person from the south loves to eat Rajma but may not be able to digest the same quantity which a person from the North consumes. So consume foods that are specific to your place.

Winter foods in India are incomplete without lentils like Rajma. Rajma has a good amount of Iron and are great immunity booster and hence prevents seasonal infections. They provide the body with an adequate amount of Protein.

How do Pulses help us during winter??

Consuming pulses in general help us in the following way,

  • They help in building protein in our body
  • Are very much affordable for everyone
  • They have low-fat percentage, and are rich in  fiber, vitamins, and minerals 
  • They are very versatile.
  • Keeps us full for a longer time, especially helpful when you do Intermittent fastings.

That’s interesting right??

There are many lentils like Tur dal, Moong dal, Rajma loved by everyone.

Rajma also known as Kidney beans are the best Winter foods that are not only rich in protein but are sweet and loved by children especially.

Written By – Sailaja Nulaka, Founder of Indic Living

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