Dry Fruit-Dates Burfi


Khalash dates Dates-A small bowl full

Almonds – 1/4th bowl

Cashews – 1/4th bowl

Cardamom powder– 1/4th tsp

Black raisins – 1/8th of a bowl

Desi Cow Ghee


1. Roast 1 Tbsp of ghee, almonds, raisins, and cashews separately in a kadai and keep them separately.

2. Also roast Khalash in ghee for a minute and transfer to a blending jar.

3. Blend khalash dates, and all the remaining dry fruits together.

4. Transfer into a bowl and add cardamom powder.

5. Now knead well and get into the desired shape.

6. You can make a laddoo or a burfee out of it.

Here it is, a healthier version of sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth and give your palate satisfaction.

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