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We are Organic.

We visualize having an ecosystem of natural and sustainable living by connecting the consumers to healthy, naturally grown, and chemical-free food produce.

We carry out all our plans, partnerships, and operations in ways that honor our commitment to our vision. We collaborate and work closely with certified farmers, manufacturers, and women entrepreneurs who believe in our vision and render the highest form of organic products for our consumers. The basis of seamless collaboration is entirely on trust and transparency.

We are what we eat! The food we consume can affect our well-being in many ways. Our mission is to ensure our consumers get access to naturally grown, safe, and chemical-free products. Our platform provides a fair-trade price for the farmers. Also, it ensures that organic food is produced with no additives, zero pesticides, and with minimal or no processing. We maintain transparency in the farm-to-fork model.

Indic Living welcomes you to experience the soulful existence between nature, farmers, and consumers!

"The First Step Towards Greatness is to be Honest". 

My family uses all products of Indic Living, everyday. The prices of the products are at par with other organic brands, but quality-wise, Indic Living is simply the best. My sincere gratitude to Indic Living team for delivering healthy organic produce.

Our Community and Impact

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We are so glad that we moved to ordering cold pressed oils (CP Sesame, Groundnut, and coconut oils) from Indic Living for over an year. We can feel the lightness in the food we cook, and fragrance of the raw sesame oil for our molaga podi for Idli, dosa is extremely pleasant. Also not to forget, smell of the freshly ground turmeric powder is totally invigorating.  

Thank you Indic Living for working hard to get these at our door steps and making it easy for all of us to switch to organic products seamlessly.
Lalita Swaminathan

The Indic Living Story.

Our story of food begins in our kitchens. We Indians experiment and make varieties of food with the plethora of alternatives like cereals, pulses, grain, spices, etc. gifted to our fertile land. The key factors in growing organic products are the type of soil, climatic conditions and water levels. The source of natural food lies in our farmers’ hands. Who would not love to buy from a farmer who naturally grows without chemicals to keep us safe on this planet!

We take you back to those days when our grandmothers used to cook with wood pressed oils and with naturally grown food in her backyard. There was no chemical spraying on food and no preservatives present in the food then, yet the grains stayed healthy throughout the year with natural and healthy techniques.

Today’s marketplace is outpouring with chemically processed products. These products are creating havoc on our health and disturbing the health equilibrium of our body. From primordial times to two decades ago, the diseases of today seldom existed. The number of cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer patients have outgrown by a large percentage. The prime reason for this drastic decline in community health is the eating patterns and the change in eatables to gratify and satiate senses and hunger, respectively. Another aspect of the increasing illnesses is the chemically fortified products that we utilize. These products are detrimental to our well-being.

Understanding the need of the hour and encouraging people to make that paradigm shift to a healthy lifestyle, we created this platform of Indic Living. Through Indic Living, consumers can now safely buy any product without a second thought as we have conducted all the due-diligence of the product. So the onus of the quality and sustainability of products is on us.

We have been working with farmers across India for the past five years, and we stand by our farmers. We are closely working with our fellow women entrepreneurs too who are helping us in this endeavour to bring healthy and sustainable living to everyone.

Nutritional value of a product is not determined by the product we buy but by the final food that we cook and eat. So eat healthy and nutritious food straight from the farms connected to our Indic Living.

Who We Are?

We, Indic Living, work as a community with small and marginal scaled farmers who share a similar vision and ethics as ours. Their ethical work practices encourage production without adding any pesticides, chemicals or preservatives for longer shelf life. And they nourish and nurture the produce by using biological fertilizers and pesticides.

We invest in understanding the potential partner’s values and vision. And this gives us a fair knowledge to build a fundamental platform to go ahead and personally inspect their production processes whether they follow traditional practices of using biofertilizers and pesticides.

We ensure that the production process does not compromise with the quality of the product and use excellent quality resources for making the final product.

The packaging is of paramount importance for us. We also focus on packaging as it makes no sense to wrap or package an organic product with strong chemical material. This essentially dissolves the purpose of our mission.

After meticulous observations with regards to the quality of the process and the product, we initiate a partnership. We inspect and closely work with our partners on planned as well as an ad-hoc basis to abide by the quality standards.


Food not only plays a vital role in nourishing the body but also plays a significant role in maintaining mental equilibrium. Hence, it is imperative to eat unprocessed or minimally processed food. We firmly believe that chemical-free and pesticide-free food is the way to holistic health as the chemicals, preservatives and pesticides strip the nutrients from the produce and what reaches the consumer, in essence, is the residue of the process and not the health-safe product. We believe in a simple policy of eating: No chemicals and no preservatives food.

The secret to the holistic health of ancients was their proximity with nature accompanied by consumption of natural produce. Connecting back to our roots is the best way we can enjoy a disease-free life. There is nothing more divine and pure to consume local and organic food and in turn, helping to increase a farmers economy.

No animal was hurt or was used to test any of our organic products.

I’m using Indic Living products since a long time. They have maintained the quality of their products.

For instance, their spices are too good! And chapatis made from multi grain and whole wheat flours are really soft and tasty. Cold Pressed Oils have their natural taste and fragrance, especially mustard oil.
Usha Kapoor

A Soulful Existence

What We Stand for?

We stand for ethical trade and fair price with our fellow farmers and other sustainable sources and to accomplish our mission of natural living. Organically grown fresh produce straight from the farm to your kitchen through Indic Living — an abode of soulful existence between nature, farmers, and consumers!

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