Motichur Laddu


½ cup overnight soaked Chana Dal

½ cup Sugar

5 tbsp Water

Orange food colour

2 tbsp Ghee

Magaj seeds

Cardamom Powder



1) Blend soaked Chana Dal coarse without adding water. Then cook coarse chana dal

in the cooker until 2 whistles.

2) Fry this cooked mixture in ghee for 7-8 min and keep aside.

3) In a pan add sugar and water. Mix well and bring the mixture to boil until 2 thread

consistency syrup. Add food colour, magaj seeds, and cardamom powder; mix it.

4) In this syrup add fried dal and give a good mix. Keep this mixture aside for 1 hour.

5) Roll laddus from a mixture of the size and garnish it with pista.

Recipe by: Yogita Patil

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