Taravami annam is known in different regions in India by different names.

Taravani annam or Chaddhu annam or Pakhala bhat all mean the same.

These days we hear more about probiotics and that probiotics are good for health but these probiotics came to us during our grandparent’s time only. This is the most nutritious food rich in Vit B12, no other B12 supplements were required. Not only people who worked on farms used to eat this but every person who used to work, every school-going kid had this as morning food.

Taravani annam has become a forgotten food.

As a kid, we used to enjoy my summer vacation with my grandparents and cousins in my native place which was rich in flora and fauna. Off late urbanization has taken a big back in my native.Nevertheless my memories are full. During summers our morning breakfast was taravani annam. Taravani annam has a variant of recipes in different homes and different cities but my favorite is my Grandmothers recipe.

And here it goes on…..


  • Leftover rice of the previous night(It was hand pound semi-polished rice and not polished white rice)
  • Buttermilk or majjiga
  • Curry leaves(Freshly plucked before the plants fall asleep)
  • Salt(Sea salt sold on carts in front of the home)


1.Mix leftover rice with buttermilk,salt, and curry leaves in a big vessel and cover with a plate.

2.Next day this ferments and u see tiny bubbles.

3.When you try to mix this with your hand once you take it off the plate,u will listen to some crackling sound.

4.Thats the sign that you have fermented rice ready.

5. It tastes best when eaten with mango pickle.


1. Fermented foods are rich in Vitamin B12.

2. They are rich in potassium and calcium.

3. It is a great coolant for the body.

4. Helps in preventing sun strokes.

5. Keeps you full and energetic even when lunch is delayed.

Enjoy your grandmother’s foods which were created out of love and affection for your health.

Thank you for taking the time and reading!!

2 thoughts on “TARAVANI ANNAM”

  1. A slight error: Immerse the rice in water, with the other ingredients – DONT MIX THEM – The rice should be in a single lump! That’s what I learnt from my Grandma!

  2. Thank you Sir,but there are many variations in this and this is what we learnt from our grand parents as ours was a huge joint family.But thank you for taking time to read the article.

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