Himalayan Pink Salt


Himalayan pink salt is known to be the healthier choice over the regular white salt. The Himalayan salt is hand-mined from the hills of the Himalayas. The mined salt undergoes a crushing process in traditional and natural ways to preserve the nutrient value. Utmost adherence to standards is carried out to maintain the quality of the product from mining till packaging.

Himalayan pink salt contains approximately 84 different minerals and trace elements as compared to a mere two minerals in white salt. The salt gets its rosy hue from these trace minerals. The salt is known to be healthier because it has low sodium content. Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. 


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Benefits of Himalyan pink salt:

  • The low sodium content in the Himalayan pink salt enables to reduce blood pressure and thus makes it the better alternative than white salt for those with blood pressure issues.
  • Himalayan pink salt has numerous healthy trace minerals and hence can be used to remineralize RO content in water.
  • The Himalayan pink salt can prove a better substitute for bath salts, allowing the skin to soak minerals from the water.
  • The salt can be consumed with lukewarm drinking water to cleanse the body and thus improve the energy levels.
  • The pink Himalayan pink salt can be used as a complete replacement of white salt for culinary purposes, to increase the consumption of trace minerals and reduce the sodium content.
  • The low sodium content in the Himalayan pink salt also aids in getting rid of water retention issues like swelling and puffing of eyes etc.

Live life in the pink of your health by choosing Himalayan pink salt over white salt!

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