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A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Indic Living brings naturally grown produce, free of pesticides, chemicals, or preservatives, on to your table. Its time to make a healthy choice. After all, we are what we eat.


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Millet Health

Millets are a valuable source of nutrients like proteins, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. 

Organic Flours

Try our range of Emmer, Multigrain, or Whole Wheat flours for that fresh, soft, and aromatic chapatis.

Sweet and Salt

Natural salt and sweetners minus the side effects. Be it Himalayan Pink Salt, Jaggery, or Karupatti.

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Everyday Pulses

The hallmark of everyday Indian food, the quintessential lentils and other legumes.

Farm Fresh Spices

Indian spices have powered cuisines across the globe. Explore Indic Living's farm fresh spices.

Rice Varieties

Meals often get labelled as rice-plates! We offer a range of organic rice varieties for a healthy staple.

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Customers Reviews

I’m using Indic Living products since a long time. They have maintained the quality of their products.

For instance, their spices are too good! And chapatis made from multi grain and whole wheat flours are really soft and tasty. Cold Pressed Oils have their natural taste and fragrance, especially mustard oil.
Usha Kapoor

Quality Organic Groceries. Farm to Fork.

Our razor sharp focus on quality brings the goodness of organic farms all the way to your dining table.

"The First Step Towards Greatness is to be Honest".

My family uses all products of Indic Living, everyday. The prices of the products are at par with other organic brands, but quality-wise, Indic Living is simply the best. My sincere gratitude to Indic Living team for delivering healthy organic produce.
go Organic.
go Indic Living.
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