Groundnuts or Peanuts are an essential ingredient in most of the Indian cuisine and also have a high place in every Indian kitchen. Groundnuts grow underground. And our naturally grown Peanuts are from farmers who have been practicing natural farming from generations. The indigenous Peanuts also undergo the grading process for quality consistency. There is no presence of artificial flavours or preservatives. The same groundnuts are dried and used to extract Cold Pressed Oils.

Peanuts are a great source of protein, potassium, selenium, manganese, zinc, and folic acid. In addition to these nutrients, groundnut also contains sodium, iron, calcium, dietary fibers, and good fats that are good for the heart, skin and hormonal health.

Peanuts or Groundnuts can be consumed either raw or roasted or powdered. 

Note: Consume peanuts within limits to avoid allergy, especially those with thyroid issues.

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Benefits of Groundnuts:

  • Consuming peanuts reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and further reduces the risks associated with heart-related issues.

  • The good fat in peanuts is good for hormonal health, heart and skin.

  • Ancient wisdom demands consuming groundnuts with some jaggery as this combination increases the levels of Iron in our body.

  • As it is rich in folate, groundnut is good to eat during pregnancy.

  • Peanuts are very filling and aids in weight loss.

  • Home-made peanut butter with a small amount of crystal rock salt is not only the best munching snack but also is high on nutrients.

  • Groundnuts are a prime ingredient for preparing many delicious snacks like chikki, and one can also add in any recipe to get that crunchiness. 

If living a healthy life is your lifestyle, then switch to these Organic Groundnuts that are versatile!

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