PINDI PULIHORA-Godavari Vantakam

Pindi Pulihora is a tangy spicy flavored rice that can be made with either tamarind or Lemon but Tamarind is ideally the best flavor and this is a favorite traditional breakfast in many homes in Andhra Pradesh especially the places in West and East Godavari.

Let us look at the recipe for this lovely dish….


Rice rava-1cup

Groundnuts -2-3 Tbsp

Chana dal, Urad dal, Mustard seeds,hing for tampering

Curry leaves as per your requirements

Tamarind pulp -1/4th cup

Turmeric powder-a pinch to enhance the color

Green and dried red chillis to create spicy flavors

CP Groundnut Oil-1tbsp


1.Wash rice rave and keep it aside meanwhile take 2 cups of water in a bowl add a little salt and let that boil.

2. Once water is boiled, add the rava to it, if you feel it is sticky add a little more rava, add a tsp of oil on top, and cover the bowl with a lid. This should be done on a very low flame. It will take around 10-15 mts time to cook to perfect consistency. Switch it off and let it cool for 10mts or 15 mts.

3. Now transfer the cooked rice rava onto a plate and put some oil, turmeric powder and curry leaves.

4. Next heat up some oil and fry groundnuts and all tampering ingredients and add on the top of the cooked rava spread on the plate.

5. Now simmer again and add oil to the same bowl, add red chillis green chillis, and tamarind pulp. Let the spicy and tangy flavors mix well. Then add the required amount of salt as well in the pulp.

6. Once the pup is well cooked, transfer it to the same plate and mix the cooked rava well till t transforms it into a beautiful dish.

7. Your traditional breakfast pindi pulihora is ready.

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