Fasting is one of the highly known religious practices followed by certain religions across the world. Fasting is not only a spiritual practice but also has numerous health benefits. The modern practice of Intermittent fasting has now become a trend but was followed by our grandparents for ages. In this blog, we would like to highlight the benefits of fasting and the foods that can be eaten during fasting.

Fasting can enhance the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor which converts brain cells into neurons. Also if you look at the overall immunity system of the body it increases to a great extent and at the same time reduces inflammation in the body.

The right kind of hormones are released in the body at the right time.

Upvas gives rest to you and your body thereby body’s metabolism speeds up and fat gets burnt down quickly. 

There are immense benefits of fasting but what can be eaten during fasting days is what many people think as fruits are not the only source of food while we are fasting. In Fact, many sugary foods are not supposed to be eaten during fasting. But since the mind and body coordination takes a long way, our mind is diverted to eating some salty and spicy food.

So there you go, your eyes catch up on food. Rajgira, Barley,varai are all your saviors and these are gluten-free as no grains or pulses are supposed to be consumed during upvas time.

Rajgira, and Barley are powder-packed foods that are wholesome and rich in antioxidants, proteins, minerals, etc.

You ask and these foods give you…

In my next blog, we will see you with some recipes out of these fasting foods.

By – Sailaja Nukula, Founder Indic Living

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