Mavidi Tandra-Khatti Meethi Yaadein

Aam or Mangoes are loved by one and all across the globe. But summers are the only time when we can relish these delicious mangoes. A sweet tooth always wants to eat mango all throughout the year and so we started saving the pulp in our freezers. But to relish this mango as a snack, Mavidi tandra or Aam Papad or Mango Jelly as it is known has come into and it takes memories down the line to our childhood and this blog is dedicated to all our mavidi tandra lovers who can look down through the streets of their childhoods favorites Khatti-Meethi Yaadein.

Mavidi tandra is manufactured in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. There is a huge process involved in preparing this. Selection of Mangoes, peeling the skin, extracting juice, boiling with jaggery, and sun-drying for 30 days. Automation has reduced all this pain but people like us still rely on hand made than machine-made and there are villages in our green East Godavari that prepare mavidi tandra with the utmost care, passion, and devotion for their livelihood.

Around 150 layers of mango pulp are added to get a sizable cube of dried form which has all the tangy and sweet natural flavor of mango. Not all mangoes are used to prepare this Locally grown and native to our East Godavari are picked up with great care and 

Especially the juiciest and the one which has a lot of fiber and pulp are picked up like pedda rasalu and cheruku rasalu .

Around 150 layers of the jaggery mixed pulp were added and dried for 4 weeks. Then the tastiest tandra is ready for us to gulp.

This traditional variety has to spread more and more.

Thanks to all our customers who shared wonderful reviews for our mavidi tandra.

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