The Chocolate Story

Chocolate Wocolate loved chocolates. Yum… She loved chocolates in any form, size and shape.
Choco chips, chocolate cakes, cookies, waffles, cupcakes, shakes. she could eat chocolate in any form.
Chocolate yummy yummy yummy sitting in my tummy.

Chocolate Wocolate always wished of going to the chocolate land, chocolate forest, living in the chocolate house, play in the chocolate park. Always dreaming about and eating yummy chocolates. One day fairy godmother came to her and offered her to grant one wish. Woclate thought for a while and asked fairy godmother to fulfill her wish of going to a chocolate forest, living in a chocolate house, and playing in the chocolate park.“Hmm,” said fairy godmother and granted the wish. But she asked won’t you get bored of so much chocolate. Woclate laughed and said, “ I can’t get bored of chocolate ever”. Within a second Chocolate Wocolate was in the chocolate park, playing in the chocolate
slide and swings. She walked further and found a chocolate house, from there she reached the chocolate forest.

In the chocolate forest, she met a little boy named Chocy. He was plucking a big melon-shaped, brown coloured thing from a tree. Chocolate Wocolate asked Chocy “What are you doing and what is this big shaped thing on the tree.” Chocy said “ This is the Theobroma tree and the big object is the cacao, from which chocolate is made. “ “ Do you want to pluck some” asked Chocy.Wocolate was too excited. She plucked a few cacao pods and opened the pods with one large knife.

Inside the pod were mushy white beans. As Wocolate was plucking and cutting open the pods, Chocy asked “ Do you know the history of chocolate? Where it came from and how? “No! Can you share the information with me please?” asked Chocolate Woclate.

Chocy told “ Thousands of years ago the Chocolate was found only in Mesoamerica.”

“What is Mesoamerica?” interrupted Woclate.
“Mesoamerica is a small part of the North American continent. The ancient people used to drink instead of eating chocolate.
People during those times used to ground the cacao seeds, mix it with chilli, cornflour, and water to make a bitter drink.” told Chocy.
Wocolate asked for more information. Chocy told that the cacao beans were considered a gift from God.
Chocolate was drunk by the royals and given to the soldiers as a reward. Beans were used as currency by the ancient people.

When an explorer from Spain came to Mesoamerica, he liked the drink a lot. He took cacao beans with him to Spain and there the sugar cane and honey were added to make a sweet chocolate drink, which became a very popular drink among the elite. During the years, the world came to know about the famous drink. After many years the chocolate was no more just limited to royals but available to the general public also.

Many years later a chocolatier made the first chocolate bar in Switzerland. “ Wow. This is amazing” said Wocolate on knowing the history.

“ Now put these beans in this big crate and let them dry in the sun for few days” Chocy told Wocolate after telling the history. Once the beans dried Chocy took them and asked Woclate to help in sorted the go beans from the whole lot.
Both Woclate and Chocy removed the shell of the beans and got them nice and brown beans. Chocy then roasted the beans.

Chocy had a grinding machine. Chocolate Wocolate was very excited to put the beans in the machine “I am loving it. What will we do now. ? “ asked Chocolate Wocolate. Chocy said “Now is the yummiest part. Please add sugar, milk, and vanilla into the machine along with the beans.” “ And yummy chocolate would be ready very soon,” said the excited Woclate.

After the mixture came out of the machine, Chocy put the mixture in molds and tree the chocolate was ready to be eaten. Chocolate Woclate was super happy, that she made her own chocolate for the very first time. After having the happiest times of her life Wocolate returned home, with cacao seed as a gift.

She planted the seed in her garden �

Story By: Dipti Sehgal

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