Mango Pickle

Ingredients: Organic mangoes, mustard seeds, turmeric powder, chilli powder, saindhava namak, hing.

Propotion: 5 cups of cut mangoes which are extremely sour
1 cup oil of saindhava namak or Himalayan pink salt,1 cup of chilli powder,1 cup of mustard seeds powder

1. Add cut pieces in a dry bowl
2. Add chilli powder,mustard seeds powder and saindhava namak in another bowl and mix properly.
3. Add a pinch of turmeric and hing.
4. Add cut pieces to this masala mix and mix properly with your hand.
5. Add 2-3 tbsp of cp sesame oil.

6. Mix well, cover, and keep aside.
7. The next day oils tend to come up and mix well and keep aside.
8. On the 3rd day, heat up some oil, add hing and mix in the pickle. Add a little more oil so that it stays longer without spoiling.

Eat with hot rice and enjoy …

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