“Mango is known as the King of Fruits”

Mangoes’ existence is not from modern times but right from ancient times, they are present as mango leaves were used even during the Vedic period. So, for thousands of years, our ancestors were literally using every part of the mango tree.

The bark, stems, fruits, and flowers are used for different purposes and even have medicinal properties. Ripened mangoes especially are considered to balance all the three types of doshas whereas it is totally opposite with the raw mango, the qualities of which are sour, astringent and which when eaten more can aggravate pitta in one’s body.

But our Indian cooking is beautiful.We balance these doshas by using the raw mango with a blend of spices to nullify the doshas.

Usually in India, each and every variety of Mango has a particular harvest time. There are different varieties of mangoes like Alphonso,kesar,himayat,banganpalli,pedda rasalu,chinna rasalu,imam pasand,dusehri, etc..We have more than 1000’s unknown varieties of mangoes. But whichever is the variety, we wait for a year to eat this king.

Seasonal fruits are as healthy as any other fruits and so are Mangoes. ….

Mangoes contain bioflavonoids which help our immune system. They do not increase our calories. For that matter, every fruit should be consumed in limited quantities. Fibrous mangoes help in preventing constipation.

Always use fresh mangoes for making any of your favorite recipes rather than using canned which contains numerous amounts of sugar….

And finally, I wait every year to relish this delicacy……

Do check out my most easy and simple recipe……

Mango juice


Alphonso Mangoes-3 to 4 with peel

Mangoes pieces cut into cubes–1 cup

Pepper powder-a pinch


1. Cut mangoes with peels and blend them in a mixer jar.

2. Pour the blended thick juice into a big bowl without straining it.

3. Add a pinch of pepper powder and cubes of mango to it.

4. Serve in a glass.

I bet you, this is the most satisfying drink which has been followed for generations….

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By: Sailaja Nukala, Founder of Indic Living

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