Gulkand- The Sun- Cooked Delicacy

Gul means “Flower” and Kand means ” Sweetness”.The Sun- Cooking of Rose petals with Mishri creates the most delicious delicacy called Gulkand.

Gulkand was first curated by Persians using Damask Roses which has a very strong Rose aroma and which bloomed only twice a year. Because of this, it remained a unique delicacy. Nowadays,  many varieties of Roses are being used to prepare Gulkand.

Damask Roses

Roses have medicinal properties and are so considered medicinal herbs. Rose petals are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. They are also mild laxatives. Mishri is an excellent sweetener and very good medicine for the common cold, cough, digestion, and many more used…Two aushadas when come together will have a great healing property, and that is what Gulkand does. Gulkand is an extremely good coolant to the body.

Ideally, the process of preparation of Gulkand is very very tedious. Sun- Cooking is a very slow process and it takes 1 month to prepare that thick, dark, and extremely flavourful consistency. The most important thing in Sun-Cooking is there is no loss of any nutrients here.

So, you can enjoy your Gulkand happily and guilt-free.

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