Sapota milkshake powder


Bengaluru’s Most Loved Organic Sapota(Chikoo), since a decade is coming in a Avatar. Introducing sapota milk shake powder. Made with organic Kalapatti variety sapota.

  • Boost your energy with HOF’s Dried Sapota flakes, Guilt-free and healthy fruit snack
  • It is a perfect anywhere, anytime guilt-free and healthy fruit snack.
  • Natural fructose and sucrose makes it a great energy provider
  • Chikoo is anti-inflammatory and helps in digestion
  • Rich in dietary fiber, it is loaded with anti-oxidants
  • It is rich in vitamin A and C
  • It is good for skin and hair health
  • Chikoo regularises metabolism and helps in weight management
  • HOF’s Dried Sapota flakes contains no added sugar, color, flavor or preservatives.
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