Avakaya(without garlic)


Pickles are an integral part of our culture and tradition. Tomato pickle made under the guidance of our elders in the family which lasts for the whole year has good ingredients which are organically sourced from our partner farms and are made traditionally after Sun drying without any chemicals and preservatives so that it lasts long.

Storage Instructions::
Please store in a cool and dry place like how pickles were stored by your grandmother without the interference of any moisture or water. We store the same way in ceramic pickle jars to keep the tradition intact.

Best Served::
You can eat it along with idlis and dosas or mix a little amount of pickle with hot rice and add a spoon of CP Sesame oil to increase the flavor

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 21 cm

250 g, 500 g

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